The Environmental Final Report Molly Dorozenski, US Sandro Janke, Germany Throughout the environmental online forums, we have discussed the many aspects of the environmental problems in our world today and the role of the Internet in the solutions to these problems. To explore this idea, we began by discussing the possiblilities of the Internet and how it could […]


What does GII mean? The GII (Global Information Infrastructure) is a view proposed by the United States and the view to make the world one in the most ideal way by using the communication networks. What the is GII Junior Summit? The GII Junior Summit ’95 is a revolutionary event for children in the field […]

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The GII Junior Summit FAQ

Deadline Q. Can I still apply to go to the Junior Summit in Tokyo? A. No, the Summit participants have already been chosen. However, it’s not too late to sign up to participate in the Online Forum. You can apply to participate in the Online Forum between now and February, 1996. Age Q. I will […]