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    What does GII mean?

    The GII (Global Information Infrastructure) is a view proposed by the United States and the view to make the world one in the most ideal way by using the communication networks.

    What the is GII Junior Summit?

    The GII Junior Summit ’95 is a revolutionary event for children in the field of communication networking. This idea was first brought up at the “G7 Information Communication Ministerial Roundtable” held in Belgium in February 1995. It was organized by a group of representatives from government and business firms. The group was founded to support the GII, and it organized an office called Secretariat Junior Summit ’95 exclusively for this program in Tokyo, Japan on a non-commercial basis.

    The Goals of the Summit

    Considering the rapid advance of computer and communication technologies, communication networking will become an essential element of the global information society to come. The GII Junior Summit will help both parents and their teenage children realize the importance of communication networks. It will also help schools promote networking education so that the GII will be expedited.

    GII Junior Summit ’95 Main Events

    Preparatory Thesis Contest
    (Final Deadline: September 20, 1995)
    Applicants submit their theses for competition to pass the On-Line Forum (conference) and the GII Junior Summit in Tokyo.

    The Junior Summit ’95 On-Line Conferences
    (August 1995- February 1996)
    300 selected participants will discuss given themes via the Internet.

    The GII Junior Summit ’95
    (October 31 – November 3, 1995)
    The 3 day session attended by the 40 award winners

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