• The GII Junior Summit FAQ

    • Deadline
      Q. Can I still apply to go to the Junior Summit in Tokyo?

    A. No, the Summit participants have already been chosen. However, it’s not too late to sign up to participate in the Online Forum. You can apply to participate in the Online Forum between now and February, 1996.

    • Age
      Q. I will be 12 years old on November 2 this year and I am really good in English and have Internet access at home. Can I attend the contest?

    A Sorry, but no, you cannot attend unless you are 12 years old as of November 1st, 1995.

    • On-Line Forum (Conferences)
      Q. I am not interested in the Summit because you will choose only 40 applicants from all over the world, but I’m really interested in the online forum and communicating with other people on the Internet! Is it OK for me to apply for this reason?

    A. Sure, in fact that’s a really good reason for you to apply, but still you must submit your thesis. If we have too many applicants, we will have to select 300 from them. Then your thesis will become basis for such selection.

    • Internet Access
      Q. I do not have Internet access nor a PC at home, but I heard if I win, I can get them. Then I think there will be no problem in attending the on-line forum, for I am really confident about it! Is it possible for me to apply for these reasons?

    A. How about your school? Does it have an Internet connection you can use for the conferences? If not, the answer to your question is no. First, no one can say for sure that you will win. Second, since we have moved the on-line conference schedule ahead one month earlier than the primarily planned September 1, delivery and installation might not be made on time even if you do win!

    • Application Form
      Q. The Call and Application forms you sent us through our school was the very early version which is really different from what I see on your website now. Is this OK for me to send my thesis according to the old instructions?

    A. Good Question! As for the Call and Main Points of the Summit instructions on how to write your thesis, don’t worry about it. Your thesis is for the Junior Summit Selection Committee to see how good you are at forming ideas and constructive opinion making. If you have already written the thesis, please send it. If not, please refer to the updated version.

    If you have the old application form but have not sent it to us yet, please use the updated version instead.

    • How to write your thesis
      Q. On the application, What to right about of 3) HOW TO APPLY, if for example I choose Lab 1) Science and want to write about computers, the choice of the three subjects are confusing. What should I do?

    A. The choice of subjects are not necessarily for you choice but rather for your reference. We simplified that part in order to make it easier to understand. Please refer to the updated What to write about.

    • English
      Q. I am a 14 year old Japanese junior high student. I study English but I think my English is not so good. Can I apply?

    A. Of course, if you can’t express yourself at all, that would be a problem but many of your new Internet friends are also from other countries where English is either their second or foreign language. The Office Committee members consider language difficulties and the ages of participants and they try to judge your thesis in contents and creativity. If you think your English isn’t good enough, study hard and try to prepare what to say in the conferences. It’s not too late!

    • How to Fill Out the Application Form
      Q. I’m from Italy. My school got the application form by mail. In the application form, it says Fill up the following in print. My friends and I don’t have type writers. Is it OK for us to use a word processing machine (W.P.)?

    A. You can use a word processor if you like, but all the items on your application form are all very important. None of them should be missing when being copied on a word processor. Please have your application form checked by a teacher or parent. Also, please do not change the page format when filling it in. For instance, if the first page has the items NO. 1 through NO. 20, please put your answers up to the item NO. 20 on the first page.

    • Group participation
      Q. I am interested in attending the summit with my classmates, but what would happen to the prize if our group is chosen to participate in the summit? I want to have fun with my friends online, but want the new computer for myself.

    A. When applying as a group, you should talk with the other members of your group and agree on who will be the representative in case your group is selected as one of the award winners. After the group representative receives the computer system, you should talk about what to do. If you are interested in a computer, why not apply as an individual? You can do it both ways. Good luck!

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